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Program Overview

CAP: Your key to getting accepted

The college admissions process gets more competitive every year, and grades alone are no longer enough to give students an edge. The College Application Preparation (CAP) program provides your child with the coaching and empowerment they need to stand out during the application process and get accepted to their dream school.


Bring out their best side

The CAP Program helps bring out the best in your child and match their résumé to their target school’s requirements.


We feature free Sallie Mae College Exploration Workshops.

Our services include:

    • helps your student craft a profile that fits what the college is looking for

    Strength Mapping

    • raises their grades to the school’s suggested GPA range

    Tutoring and Enrichment

    • customizes their application for specific colleges

    Application Coaching

    • professional, accredited college counselors increases your childs likelihood of acceptance

    Hands-On Mentoring

    • an opportunity for middle and high school students to learn about college life, within a real college classroom, with professors

    Introduction College Tours

Our Staff


  • I highly recommend the CAP Program.
    After trying on my own I just did not have enough time with all my after-school activities to get my applications started.
    CAP counselors kept me organized and worked with me to improve my SAT/ACT scores to get into my top 5 choices!

    Christophe S., Pre-Med BioEngineering Major ASU
  • Thank you for pushing me during my most stressful times.
    I completed all my applications to my target schools, and got accepted to my #1 pick!

    Mariah H., NYU College Student